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A three-member Liberian delegation including Liberian Football Association President Mustapha Raji, Vice President Adolphus Dolo and Deputy Sports Minister G.Andy Quamie returned to the country after what they described as a fruitful and rewarding journey for the sector and the sport. population in general.

Speaking on part of the media support on Saturday, October 8, 2022, LFA President Mustapha Raji revealed that the Saudi Football Association had agreed to build an artificial turf on the sports ground at Stephen Tolbert Estate in the community of Stephen Tolbert Estate. .

The move, he said, is aimed, among other things, at stimulating infrastructure growth in the sector.

According to him, the geotechnical investigation as well as the topographical investigation and other details, including the supply of the turf, are currently being worked on.

He told sportswriters that Montserrado County Senator Saah Joseph assured the LFA that he would engage with the community to ensure they make the property available to begin work soon.

In an effort to further strengthen the bond between the LFA and the Saudi Football Federation, President Raji also unveiled the Saudi Football Association’s plans to purchase medical equipment for use by the LFA to screen athletes, referees and other sports federations. and associations across the country.

LFA President Mustapha Raji and his Saudi counterpart

In order to support the grassroots teams, the third division as well as the community leagues respectively, the Saudi Federation, the LFA chief said it will purchase football boots, uniforms and footballs from them.

On the issue of capacity building and other support to the LFA, Raji said that a six-member delegation of Liberian referees will leave the country from October 21, 2022 to October 23, 2022 to travel to Saudi Arabia to participate. to an elite referee course. .

He said the intention is among other things to support and develop the capacity of referees.

LFA delegation flanked by their Saudi counterparts

“The Saudi Federation will also provide equipment to our referees to improve their work,” he added.

Meanwhile, the LFA boss informs the media that the Saudi Football Federation will sponsor the women’s under-17 team to travel to Saudi Arabia for a training camp.

The initiative also aims to improve the women’s football program, he noted.

The team he highlighted will later return to the country to compete in an eight-nation tournament in honor of the sport’s chief patron, George Weah.

The many support programs for the Liberian Football Association, President Raji pointed out, are part of the Saudi Football Association technical company agreement between the two parties, which he says is a good prospect. for the development of Liberian football.

Raji and his Saudi counterpart during his visit to Saudi Arabia

He also praised President George Weah, Chief Patron of Sports for his continued engagements with other countries and partners to support and grow the game in Liberia.

Meanwhile, the Saudi Football Association’s support for the LFA is a milestone for the house of football and a move that has so far helped promote and improve the game in Liberia, concluded Raji.

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