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Acting is a very lucrative vocation, if you can rise to the upper echelons of the industry. Until then, it can be a hassle. As a result, many players are diversifying their interests into other business activities to secure a somewhat more stable income. Sometimes even the most prominent names still show interest in other avenues. Kate Hudson launched an athletic brand in 2013 called Fabletics, and Jessica Alba co-founded a line of baby products called The Honest Company. One of the most active players with side gigs is Ryan Reynolds, who launched Aviation Gin and owns 25% of Mint Mobile. Now, his two interests are on a collision course as a new business investment will put him on the screen as well.

In a new trailer released by FX, Welcome to Wrexham sees Ryan Reynolds and co-owner Rob McElhenney buy Wrexham Football Club and attempt to overthrow it. While both actors are known for their sarcastic and comedic wits, the trailer shows more of an underdog story with moments of inspiring perseverance. It seems like a story that is more than an underdog football club; the town of Wrexham appears to be a character in its own right and will play an important role in the docuseries going forward.

It is not unreasonable to wonder what an American and a Canadian know about running a Welsh football club. It’s easy to compare to the Apple TV series Ted Lasso, which sees an American football coach played by Jason Sudekis travel to London like a fish out of water to coach an English football team. The success of Ted Lasso can worry people into thinking that these two actors are hoping for positive press and putting the team and the community at risk. During a press conference presented in the docuseries, Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney explain that their decision was much more important.

Ryan Reynolds has described the move as a passion project, saying football is “magnificent torture” and buying the team is the best and worst thing that has ever happened to him. Rob McElhenney described a deeper reason for his involvement in the project. He recounts his connection to the game dating back to his father and how much he enjoyed watching games with him. Whatever the end of this project for the team, the community and the cast, they all seem to be in good hands.

Ryan Reynolds is best known for his successful work in dead Pool, The Adam Project, The Hitman’s Bodyguardand red notice. He brought sarcasm and charisma to the big screen for decades. He has pledged to take a break after the release of The Adam Project earlier this year; it seems we know what he spends his time doing. Rob McElhenney is best known for his time in front of and behind the camera on Philadelphia is always sunny. In addition to playing Rob for 162 episodes, he is also the writer and creator of the series. Fans will have the opportunity to see the two actors on FX on August 24th.

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