Should Jack Del Rio be in the hot seat?

After three appalling weeks, should Washington football team defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio be in the hot seat?

It’s no secret that the defense of the Washington football team has significantly underperformed in the first three weeks of the 2021 season. They arrived in the year with hopes of being there. one of the best units in the entire NFL. In fact, many thought they would be the best defense in all of football.

Their 432 total yards allowed per game, however, is the second worst in the NFL. Meanwhile, their 30.7 points against per game are the fourth worst. They also only have six bags and two takeaways. As you can guess, neither is near the top of the leaderboard, either.

Now a big part of it has been individual performances. You can’t act like hunt young people was not disappointed. The whole defensive line doesn’t look very good. Fit Sweat made a few pieces just like Jonathan allen. Everyone’s gotten to quarterback a few times, but they rarely (if ever) drop him.

The high school was bad and the linebackers just as terrible.

That being said, let’s not put all the blame on the players. How many times have we already seen a third and long convert this year? Not only because of poor coverage, but soft, tender blanket. Almost like that was what they had been told to do. The teams convert 58.7% of third tries against Washington. It’s the second worst in the NFL.

They rarely blitz. The coverage looks soft. They are constantly out-coached. It’s bad.

Speaking of coaching: Jack Del Rio. He To be in the hot seat, right? It’s very early and panicking is never a smart decision. But Washington’s defense barely had enough good defensive possessions to even need a second hand to count. It’s ugly.

How much leeway does Jack Del Rio have with the Washington football team?

Washington seems to be lost there. It will be the third and the 15th and all the secondary plays 12 meters deep from the snap. Someone will take a strike at the first scorer with two defenders playing a few yards away while waiting to tackle him. It becomes maddening.

Washington has one of the seven most exciting fronts in football. They rarely blitz. Yes, you could argue that the defensive line should be able to pass more often and you would be 100% right. But maybe help them out a bit instead of sticking Jon Bostic and Cole Holcomb in the blanket so they can get burned and look lost.

The offense didn’t sound phenomenal; no one claims so. But it should not be the strength (loosely said) of the team at this point. No one could have predicted that for three weeks you would hold your breath every time the Washington football team is on defense.

Del Rio is far from the only problem right now. But it’s also up to the defensive coordinator to ensure that his players are at their level. It means working the right schematics, launching different packages, trying something different, please.

Washington seems to be limiting itself. Teams are ready to run and throw at them because they know blitzes don’t come often and the cover is going to be soft. Take those mid-size gains and run with them.

Jack Del Rio calls the pieces. Del Rio is responsible for the defense game. A defense that ranked second in the NFL last year and can’t stop a nosebleed (thanks to Bart Scott) this year.

It’s not yet time to let go, no reason to panic just yet. Three weeks is still very early. But the seat is heating up week by week. It’s pretty hot now and if things don’t improve over the next few games it will be too hot for Del Rio to sit still. The Washington football team may be on the hunt for a new defensive coordinator if things don’t change quickly.

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