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Small loans – these are usually loan amounts of a maximum of 5,000 dollars – can be taken out at commercial banks on very different terms. What is a real bargain at one bank is equivalent to usury at the other bank.

An independent comparison is therefore worthwhile, in which the individual financial products of the respective bank – especially those of small and very small loans – are examined more closely. Installment loans are generally also considered to be small loans. Here, too, the supposedly low interest rates can turn out to be real cost traps in the course of the term.

A loan comparison – which should be carried out before you take out a small loan – compares the interest rate and maturities of the individual loans. Furthermore, the individual bank types are compared. To what extent the best offer is made for you as a consumer is determined by means of a credit comparison. In the following sections we would also like to inform you of good and bad offers regarding small loans.

Online comparisons provide an overview in the area of ​​small loan comparisons – what are good and what are bad offers?

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Clear and clear contract terms are a good step in the direction of a good offer – furthermore, all conceivable situations should be clarified – what happens, for example, in the event of a default? In this context, serious banks always make a Schufa comparison – the creditor is checked for creditworthiness.

However, banks that do not offer their customers good accessibility stand for bad offers. The following information is also of interest when comparing loans: what additional costs are there? Are special repayments possible? The additional costs are primarily to be understood as processing costs, agency fees and other flat rates. The special repayments refer to the possibility of repaying your loan prematurely – ie terminating the contract prematurely.

Where are there good credit comparisons?

Where are there good credit comparisons?

You can find a small loan comparison online, for example. There are a variety of different, independent small loan comparison portals that offer their users a wide range of comparison options for all common financial products of commercial and Right Direct Banks.

The small loan comparisons then list the respective advantages of the potential borrowers and we sort the results according to these requirements. It is particularly advantageous that a small loan can also be taken out with the relevant bank via links from the small loan comparison portal. In some cases, the potential borrowers even experience various bonuses if they find the corresponding offer via a comparison portal and have completed it later.

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