Tabcorp announces launch of AI for American football games

Tabcorp, the largest games company in Australia, has announced the launch of artificial intelligence (AI) technology to predict the results of American football matches. The strategic strategy aims to keep the operator ahead of competitors like Ladbrokes and Sportsbet as players flock to online gambling in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak.

The AI ​​sports simulator, which took a year to develop in-house, examines thousands of data points from previous games and can run 10,000 “simulations” in a second to estimate the future performance of two competing teams. , as well as their individual. players.

Growing markets

According to David Beirne, chief trading officer of Tabcorp, this would increase the number of betting “markets” – the different outcomes a consumer can bet on – for a single NFL game from about 60 to over 120.

“We will be able to expand our NFL product line to all aspects of game results and player markets,” he said. “It’s a great result for us.”

The simulator project, according to Tabcorp chief information officer Françoise Russo, was the product of a multi-million dollar investment in multi-year data modeling and automation, which had become one more focus. in addition to the company’s betting operations.

“We expect data and analytics to become increasingly important to our business in the future,” she said.

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