Team Leaders Request Board Audience

The past few days have been nothing short of complete chaos for Auburn’s football program. Between nasty personal attacks, former players claiming they were treated badly and what appears to be a strong attempt by the powers that be to get rid of head coach Bryan Harsin, the program has been put on hold. honor and put under the microscope.

While there’s no question that Harsin’s job is in jeopardy – whether for good reason or not – one thing that seems to ring true throughout this situation is that Auburn football players support Harsin. and want him to continue as their head coach.

Although players no longer on the roster had negative things to say about their former head coach, players returning to the Plains expressed their support for Harsin. Countless athletes on the 2021 roster have chosen to spend another year on the team, whether they forfeit the 2022 draft or use their extra year of eligibility due to COVID.

If Bryan Harsin really is such a horrible coach, why would so many of his players buy into his vision and dedicate themselves to another year of Auburn football?

After days of rumors circulating, returning sixth-year center Nick Brahms took it a step further and appealed to President Jay Gogue and the Auburn Board of Directors:

Brahms named a collection of heavy hitters from the Tigers roster and asked for a chance to meet with officials, saying they haven’t had a chance yet. This is troubling for many reasons, not least because it has been reported that for several days the administration has been conducting interviews with the players.

Has anyone spoken to this group of players? Have they been questioned by the administration but not allowed to speak with the people who actually make the decisions? Either way, it’s disappointing to think the president and board wouldn’t take the time to hear from a group of young men who clearly love Auburn and want Auburn football to succeed.

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