The five American football games on Switch (yes, you read that right)

It’s Thanksgiving in the US as we publish this article, and here at NL Towers we had a bright idea: “Make a better NFL-style list for Switch, like the correct football / soccer the one we did in the summer! “

Oh, how we congratulated ourselves, knowing that Thanksgiving for many is NFL day to eat lots of food and watch. Even as a Briton, your humble scribe is (foolishly) a Chicago Bears fan and will watch the traditional first game of the day in a battle of the ages against the Detroit Lions. [Erm, have you seen their records? – Ed.]

We diligently reviewed the Switch eShop and the internet to determine what exciting games to include and settled on … all. To say these are slim choices is an understatement. Indeed, these are all the American football games that we could find.

And we had to cheat to include five. Well, at least Retro Bowl is coming soon as well.

So here is, enjoy.

Mutant Football League: Dynasty Edition (Switch)Mutant Football League: Dynasty Edition (Switch)

Editor: Digital dreams / Developer: Digital dreams

Release date: October 30, 2018 (United States) / October 30, 2018 (UK / EU)

We didn’t really praise this in our review, but the developers promised several moons ago to add the missing content in a free update. Some also enjoy this game, a spiritual successor to a cult classic on SEGA Mega Drive; it plays out to some extent like ‘real’ football, although, of course, the concept means there are all kinds of extravagant and violent shenanigans going on there as well.

Arcade Archives Football Frenzy (Switch eShop)Arcade Archives Football Frenzy (Switch eShop)


Release date: August 30, 2018 (United States) / August 30, 2018 (UK / EU)

SNK has produced a wide range of sports games for the Neo Geo, so naturally this is American football‘s entry into the series. It has chunky sprites familiar to fans of the company’s production, with a few neat touches like exaggerated player celebration animations and a fancy spiral ball when in the air. As expected, of course, the Arcade Archives version on Switch has a lot of little goodies and options thanks to the work of HAMSTER.

Football Heroes Turbo (Switch eShop)Football Heroes Turbo (Switch eShop)

Editor: Run games / Developer: Run games

Release date: January 17, 2019 (United States)

This is only available on the North American eShop (by no means can we find it on the UK store), it is a premium iteration after a previous mobile version. It takes a bit of inspiration from the Tecmo Bowl but naturally offers more modern visuals, faster pacing, and extra depth in terms of game selections. It also launches fights for a comedic effect, while a season mode has RPG-lite twists. All in all, it’s a game that seems to better meet low expectations, short bursts, and relaxed fun.

Arcade Archives Tecmo Bowl (Switch eShop)Arcade Archives Tecmo Bowl (Switch eShop)


Release date: January 30, 2020 (United States) / January 30, 2020 (UK / EU)

It’s a game that has a place in many hearts, especially the original version of NES which (at the time) offered dizzying depth given the technology. It’s pretty cool, then, that we get to experience the most technically impressive version that we found in many arcades in the late 80s. It’s surprising how different it is from the iconic 8-bit version, so if you’re curious about what Tecmo could achieve without struggling with hardware limitations, this eShop version is worth checking out.

Tecmo bowl (NES)Tecmo bowl (NES)

Editor: Tecmo / Developer: Tecmo

Release date: Feb 1989 (United States) / September 17, 2015 (UK / EU)

Okay, we told you we have to cheat to get five games, that’s how limited the lineup of American football games is on Switch. This is the NES version of the game, quite different but which is fondly remembered. It’s not on the eShop, but it’s is in the NES app for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers. Yes this not worth signing up for NSO so we don’t know what to say …

And there you have it, up to the formation of victory. Not exactly a feast, is it? We’ve done our best, but the Switch doesn’t have a lot of American football games. Either way, let us know your favorites – and the ones we somehow missed! – in the comments.

Honestly, we’d love to expand on that a bit – please tell us we missed a few!

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