The Professional American Football League in Mexico announced the date of his return

The LFA will resume operations in February 2022. (Photo: Twitter / @ LFAmex)

The Mexican Professional American Football League He has been on hiatus since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Since March 8, 2021, no American football game has been played at a professional level in our country. Faced with this situation, the League has started and already announced that they will resume their activities from 2022, more precisely in February.

After more than a year of inactivity, the league has announced that it will return with some changes. Initially, the tournament will be played with seven teams established, but, for example, the squad of The Condors, which had its seat in the Mexico, will go to Queretaro. On the other hand, there will now be a team in Guadalajara, who will be named The kings of Jalisco.

The news was announced by Alejandro Jaimes, the league commissioner, during a press conference in the afternoon of November 9, 2021. “We have worked to have a season to match for our supporters, our fans , who have always been with us. “, He expressed. Likewise, it is he who is responsible for announcing the names of the new teams that will play in the tournament, as well as their changes.

The LFA has announced the return of activities with seven teams.  (Photo: Twitter / @ LFAmex)
The LFA has announced the return of activities with seven teams. (Photo: Twitter / @ LFAmex)

The 21-22 season will feature the following teams: Mexico From Mexico, Raptors from the State of Mexico, Condors From querétaro, Kings of Jalisco from Guadalajara, Tell us about Saltillo by Coahuila and Foundries de Monterrey and the team of Tijuana. The competition format will consist of a single group, where they will all play against everyone, at the end they will qualify for a round of playoffs highest ranked, to later designate the champion of a single match, named the Mexico Cup V.

The championship will start at the end of February. The matches will be played on weekends and one team will rest each day. Each team will have three home games and three away games. The regular competition ends in May, while the grand final is scheduled for the 15th of the same month. Likewise, for the next tournament, a larger number of foreigners will be allowed, ranging from seven to ten per team.

“We want to continue to be a bulwark and a banner of American football in Mexico, respecting all levels of national football, in all its categories; aware that we are the last link … we are and We keep working to be the best professional American football league in Latin America», Declared the commissioner

LFA game during the 2020 season, before the pandemic.  (Photo: Twitter / @ LFAmex)
LFA game during the 2020 season, before the pandemic. (Photo: Twitter / @ LFAmex)

For the next season, the LFA to maintain alliance with Canadian American Football League (CFL). Their agreement is that viewers of Canadian teams will have free access to matches being played on Mexican soil, with the intention of reaching out to the players they love. At the same time, Aztec coaches will be able to watch the Canadiens’ pre-season games.

Likewise, Commissioner Jaimes assured that the pandemic situation has improved in the world, but that they still have clear protocols with which they will work to be able to resume the actions of the League. He acknowledged the work that other sports like football and baseball have done “they did tests and learned to perfect their protocol,” he said. For this reason, the LFA will try to emulate the actions of these other leagues.

Despite the fact that the American Football League is very young (it was founded five years ago), in a short time it managed to be televised on some private TV channels and even on the public signal. Trying to resume its activities ensures that the LFA will make an effort to emerge afloat and position itself as one of the badges of national sport.


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