The Royal Dutch Football Association will not scrutinize anti-gay chanting

Dutch football officials are turning a blind eye to the anti-gay chants heard during the Netherlands’ recent game against Germany.

At several points in the friendly match, the chant “All Germans are gay!” could be heard emanating from the crowd. The Netherlands and Germany drew 1-1 on March 29.

The Royal Dutch Football Association (KNVB) says clubs can tell fans to stop derogatory chanting over the stadium loudspeaker, or referees can choose to put the game on hold. Neither happened in this case.

The KNVB says the chants were too infrequent to warrant an official response, according to the NL Times, an English news source from the Netherlands.

“In this case, the stewards ensured that the chants were short,” said a KNVB spokesperson. “Then you don’t need to take the next step of the protocol, having the stadium loudspeaker ask people to stop. The question is whether such an announcement will have the desired effect. at a time when the songs died out.

As Outsports weren’t at the game, it’s impossible to say whether the KNVB’s claim that the chants are just a superficial example of fan misconduct is accurate. But we’ve seen the harm when football organizations don’t take a strong stance against anti-gay chants.

For years, Mexican soccer fans have chanted the homophobic slur “puto” with impunity, and now they can’t stop. Even the threat of being banned from stadiums for five years didn’t curb the madness.

Last month, Mexican fans chanted “puto” towards the end of a World Cup qualifier.

Dutch football fans chanting “All Germans are gay!” could be considered an isolated incident today. But as we know, homophobia can spread quickly if left unchecked.

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