The Spanish National American Football League launches the 2022 season with 10 teams

the Spanish National American Football League (LNFA), kicks off the 2022 season with a total of 10 teams vying for the title.

The defending champion Badalona Dracs return in search of their sixth consecutive Spanish championship, but they will have a lot of opponents this season. the LNFA went from eight teams to being divided, like last year, into two conferences, the Where is and the East.

the Where is consists of the LG OLED Las Rozas Black Demons, Fuengirola Potros, Gijón Mariners, Murcia Cobras and Osos Rivas while the is understand the above Lidertel Badalona Dracs with the Majorca Voltors, Barberà Rookies, L’Hospitalet Pioners and Zaragoza hurricanes. The two newest members of the top league, the Barbera’s recruits and Pioneers of Hospitalet, although new this year, are no strangers to the Premier League. the rookies play in spain elite league in 2016 and 2017. The Pioneers have a proud history of playing in the Spanish premier league having won five titles between 2008 and 2013. They dropped out from 2015 to 2017, returned briefly for one season in 2018 and then returned again this year.

The 10-week regular season ends April 24, with the top two teams from each conference advancing to the semifinals. The date of the Spanish Championship game has not yet been finalized.

Eastern Conference

Badalona Dracs: 2021 record 7-1. Finished 1st in the Eastern Conference. Champions of Spain

The Head Coach: Oscar Calatayud.

Key additions: QB Glen Cuiellette (Texas Southern), RB/WR Hunter Belzo (University of Springfield), WR Rafael Hidalgo (University of New Mexico), LB Patrick Kenney (Bryant University).

Mallorca Voltors: 2021 record 5-3. Finished 2nd in the Eastern Conference. Reached semi-finals, lost to Las Rozas Black Demons

The Head Coach: Jesus Sanchez.

Key returning players: QB Diego Lliteras (Spain), LB Jesus “Jambo” Aguilera (Spain), WR Jaylon Hibbs (Centre College), WR Matthew Craens (Canada), RB/DB Ronaldo Tomasello (Ball State), DE Yago Rivero (Spain, Dragons de Barcelona).

Zaragoza Hurricanes: 2021 record 4-4. Finished 3rd in the Eastern Conference

The Head Coach: Kurtis Ovesen (Cal Poly/Marshall).

Key additions: QB Kevin Doyle (U of Arizona), WR Kyle Mucerino (Austin U), LB Daniel Monfared (Barcelona Dragons).

L’Hospitalet Pioners: 2021 DNP record (promoted from Div. 2)

The Head Coach: Albert Fernandez.

Key additions: QB Murdock B. Rutledge (University of Puget Sound), WR Julien Berhaul (France), OL Gabriel Raeder Palmeira, Joao Víctor Correia Sánchez and Lucas Soares Da Silva (Brazil), LB Gonzalo Bonnin (Argentona Bocs) and Albert Fernández (Spain) , WR Jaume Llinás, Jordi Torrededía and RB Elías Rodríguez (Barcelona Dragons).

Barbera Rookies: record 2021 – DNP (won Div. 2)

The Head Coach: Edouard Torrecillas.

Key additions: QC Luis Enrique García Rosado (Mexico), DB Nolan Coperning (North Carolina Central) and Miles Coperning (Tennessee Tech), DL Luis Enrique Aranda Cárdenas (Mexico), TE Adrian Gierczak (Poland), WR Bryan Larese (France), DB Jordi Brugnani (Spain).

Western Conference

Las Rozas Black Demons: 2021 record 7-1. Finished 1st in the Western Conference. Reached the Spanish final, lost to Badalona Dracs

The Head Coach: Jake Hale

Offensive coordinator: Danny Farley.

Key players (all Spanish players): QB David de Diego, RB Daniel Romero, SS Hugo Mínguez, FS Pau de Diego

Osos Rivas: 2021 report 6-2. Finished 2nd in the Western Conference. Reached semi-finals, lost to Badalona Dracs

The Head Coach: Ricardo Martin.

Key returning players: QB Sergio Barbero (Spain), WR Mario Flores, WR Samuel Anca (Barcelona Dragons), Alejandro Tizón,

Key additions: WR David Giron (Guatemala), DB/WR Andy Vera (Spain), WR Atsushi Uehiro (Japan), LB/RB Herbert Gamboa (University of Montana), DL Johnny Escobar (Spain), RB Adrián Jimenez (Barcelona Dragons), WR Ivan Iordanov (Barcelona Dragons), OL Celestin Ngimbi (Barcelona Dragons), OL/DL Juan Antonio Escobar (México, Aguilas Blancas), DB Jorge Juarez (México Pumas UNAM).

Fuengirola Potros: 2021 review 2-6. Finished 3rd in the Western Conference

Director of Football Operations: Jeremy Mayer.

The Head Coach: Nacho Pance.

Key returning players: QB Henry Väänänen (Finland), RB Carlos Chaves, WR David Chaves (Spain).

Key additions: RB Gonzalo Musso (Argentina), LB Niko Suppa (Frankfurt Galaxy).

Murcia Cobras: record 2021 1-7. Finished 4th in the Eastern Conference

The head coach: Tim Bishop.

Assistant coaches: Casper Rasmussen, Jaydin Moses.

Key additions: QB Robert Cuda (Case Western Reserve University), OL Nick Ladd (Howard Payne University), Jose Ariza, DB Thomas Anthony (Belgium), DB/WR Jonathan Göransson (Sweden).

Main Spanish players: Alberto Del Cerro, Sebastien castaner, Tony Monton, Adrian Gutierrez, Luis Baeza, Ruben Moliner, Edu Perez.

Gijon Mariners: 2021 record 0-8, finished last in Western Conference

The Head Coach: Honorio Arias

Key additions: QB Daniel De Juambelz (Mexico), LB Marcel Spears (Iowa State), RB Javier Castañón (Barcelona Dragons), RB Alejandro Herrero (Barcelona Dragons) and DB Jonathan Corradini (Barcelona Dragons)

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