Washington football team reality checks for week 4 against Atlanta

I thought a few days of separation with the utter disaster of Sunday’s loss to Buffalo might help me get some perspective or some clarity on what exactly happened against the Bills. But inexplicably, a few Ron Rivera press conferences and countless words written and spoken by fans and pundits seeking to explain the causes of Washington’s slow start to the season didn’t make me feel any better.

In fact, I find myself in more conflict over the cause and durability of their struggles. The defense seemed inept. At three levels. The shiny new quarterback looked pedestrian. The defensive rookie of the year looked lost and ineffective.

And the coaching team’s explanation for the difficulties at the start of the season is far from satisfactory. In fact, it was so much of a coaching talk that many began to wonder if this coaching staff had what it takes to get this team back on track for real.

The reality is, there is no single explanation for the struggles at the start of the season in Washington. And while the responsibility rests with the head coach who also makes all of the final football decisions, the nature of the NFL is that it is a weekly league, and there is very rarely a simple explanation for the ups and downs that teams experience within a season.

So rather than trying to diagnose or pick a side, I stick with what I know … and try to apply the reality checks of the Washington football team at all levels, a week at a time, to keep me and the rest of the fans from going. out of the deep end. Washington goes to Atlanta with an almost inevitable victory, so without further ado, let’s move on to No.5.

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