Watch: South American football expert calls Arthur Melo ‘more a Guardiola midfielder than a Jurgen Klopp midfielder’

Arthur Melo seems set to emulate Thiago Alcantara, if the words of a South American football pundit are to be believed.

The Brazilian has been labeled by Tim Vickery as a player who suits Pep Guardiola’s style of play, rather than Jurgen Klopp’s, and is therefore surprised we’re signing the Juventus man on loan.

The 57-year-old said: “Liverpool at their best, they’re so vertical, they’re so relentlessly vertical and Arthur is a more possession-based midfielder.

“You can see him more as a Guardiola-type midfielder, rather than a Jurgen Klopp-type midfielder. When he rose through the ranks, a lot was expected of him at Grêmio.

“He was always seen as a Barcelona midfielder and that’s where his European adventure started. It wasn’t all out. The central midfielders (from Brazil) seem to have struggled the most. ‘adapt to top-level European football. And he didn’t get a game at Juventus’.

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If you change the 26-year-old’s name to our No.6, the same worries could have applied to him and he didn’t do too badly at Anfield.

You can watch the video of Vickery’s thoughts on Arthur via @footballdaily on Twitter:

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