What NFL Legend Larry Fitzgerald Told the Notre Dame Football Team

No need to wring your arms to get influential figures to speak in front of the Notre Dame football team. Peyton and Eli Manning did so earlier this year. Just like his fellow Super Bowl champion and former Fighting Irish catcher Derrick Mayes.

This week was the future Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee Larry Fitzgeraldit’s the turn.

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The Notre Dame Football Twitter account sent a one-minute clip of Fitzgerald, an 11-time Pro Bowl selection, giving some wisdom to this year’s Irish players. A native of Minneapolis, Minnesota, Fitzgerald played his college prom in Pittsburgh. He won the Biletnikoff Award in 2003. He spent his 17 seasons in the NFL with the Arizona Cardinals.

His playing days are over. So he made sure to tell the Irish to make the most of theirs.

“I would give anything to be in your guys’ shoes,” Fitzgerald said. “All the things I’ve done in professional football and things like that, I’ve been living my dream. But, man, this is the best time in your guys’ lives. It’s here. It’s is now. You have the opportunity to go out tomorrow and train and do something that thousands, millions of people would love to do.

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“To be able to come out of that Notre Dame Stadium tunnel playing for something so much bigger than you, playing for a tradition that is unmatched and arguably the best in college football history, is so special.

“You have the ability to write your own script this year. You are in control of your destiny. Do you know how lucky you are to be in this position? Most people in the world don’t have control of their own destiny. They don’t have goals like you. They don’t have the opportunity to live their dream. You have this. Seize this. Hold on to this. Realize how much of an opportunity you have in front of you. is valuable.

Fitzgerald was a teammate of the Notre Dame wide receivers coach Chansi Stuckey in Arizona in 2011. Notre Dame head coach Marcus Freeman used every avenue available to invite distinguished guests to speak to his team during his first year at the helm.

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