Which American football team does Joe Biden support?

Joe Biden is from Scranton, Pennsylvania– a state full of sporting pride. Joe Biden and Jill Biden are both full-fledged fans of the Philadelphia Eagles and Philadelphia Phillies. The Philadelphia Eagles reached the Super Bowl 27 times, but only won three. The Philadelphia Phillies have two World Series titles.

Sport has been at the heart of Biden’s life and according to his son Francis, Biden sees sport as a unifying force in American culture and politics. Biden’s son said: “He’s definitely going to look to sports and sports figures to help us back in line as Americans.

While President Biden hoped to see sport as a unifying force during his tenure as president, the former president Donald trump made this difficult to achieve. During Trump’s presidency, he argued with sports players on social media and lashed out at some owners for supporting Colin Kaepernick’s peaceful protests against social injustice.

Which football team does Biden support?

President Joe Biden has never publicly stated that he is a football fan, although he has been pictured attending some football games. When the The USWNT team won the World Cup in France in 2019, Biden posted on social media: “USWNT congratulations on the big win and thanks for the jersey!”

He was also a advocate for equal pay as we can see below:

Biden is a sports star himself

Not only is Joe Biden a huge sports fan, he was also a athlete at school. In high school, the president Biden was a receiver and he continued to play football as a freshman on the University of Delaware team.

In Biden’s memoir he refers to how the sport has helped him overcome his speech impediment. He wrote: “Sport was as natural to me as speaking was unnatural. And sport turned out to be my ticket to acceptance – and more. I wasn’t easily intimidated in a game, so even when I stuttered I was always the kid who said, ‘Give me the ball’.

Biden has repeatedly noted that the first lady, Jill biden, is also a big philadelphia sports fan. Joe Biden joked that while he was on the campaign trail, Jill Biden’s team had the opportunity to go to the World Series. She wouldn’t miss the opportunity to return home to watch the Philadelphia Phillies.

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