Why is Ron Rivera so opposed to a meeting with Cam Newton?

The 2021 regular season is only two weeks old, and the Washington soccer team has already started two different quarterbacks.

This has been a familiar theme with Washington fans over the past few seasons. Look no further than the past three years.

During this span, Alex Smith (16), Josh Johnson (three), Colt McCoy (three), Mark Sanchez (one), Case Keenum (eight), Dwayne Haskins (13) and Kyle Allen (four) started under the center of the WFT in the regular season.

That number rose on Thursday night, as Taylor Heinicke made his third career debut after Ryan Fitzpatrick (hip subluxation) was placed on the injured list this week and given a 6-8 week return schedule. .

This leaves Kyle Allen as the only replacement. Given his injury history and that of Heinicke, fans have called on Washington to sign another insurance option.

Cam Newton was mentioned as a target, but Ron Rivera refuted any speculation about a possible meeting. Why is that?

Why is Ron Rivera so adamant about not signing Cam Newton?

To us, it boils down to one of three things. Either Rivera thinks that Newton is approaching the end of the road and doesn’t have much to offer as a starting quarterback in the NFL. It’s also possible that the football team were so optimistic about Heinicke that they found it unnecessary to call in another QB.

And finally, there’s Newton’s vaccine status to consider. We know this is a polarizing subject, but put yourself in Rivera’s shoes for a moment.

Why would Rivera, who recently completed a long battle with quamous cell carcinoma, a form of cancer, sign a backup quarterback who could land on the COVID roster in the blink of an eye and miss up to one quarantine week away from the team just because he is not vaccinated?

Rivera has strong feelings towards those who object to receiving the vaccine, and rightly so given his medical history. In an interview with Steve Serby from New York Post, here is what Rivera had to say about the “anti-vaxxer philosophy”.

“… I’m struggling with this. Especially in my circumstances, my situations. I had my cancer without any control on my own. And what really touches me is that I got it because of a virus, and at the time there was no vaccine that could help prevent this virus. Today there is a vaccine that could prevent the HPV virus. … I didn’t have that option.

What do we think? Well, it’s probably a combination of a confidence in Heinicke, a lack of confidence in Newton considering how he played with the Patriots last season – and was released after losing the job of departure in favor of rookie Mac Jones – and the fact that Newton is not vaccinated, which may well be the main reason for the three.

Rivera’s stance on the matter could change if Heinicke falls short, but for now it’s fair to say that a meeting between the successful former head coach-quarterback duo are out of the question.

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