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Teaser betting remains a popular option with many NFL punters. But you need to be careful in selecting which teams you’re going to tease because you can’t win in the long run without a solid strategy. TO The lines, we’ll go through each week’s NFL slate to see which teams best match the teasers. Today we take a look at options for the NFL Week 5 teasers.

Be sure to check out our introduction to teaser betting here. It is imperative that you understand what to look for, from the numbers to the juice of paid sports betting.

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The best NFL week 5 teasers

The NFL Week 5 teasers have three really good places looking to check most of the boxes – a home underdog, a home favorite, and an underdog on the road. We’ll cover them in that order.

Soccer team (+1.5) Vs. Saints

The Washington football team remains perhaps the league’s biggest conundrum.

Expected as a defensive heavyweight, they gave the Atlanta Falcons 30 in Week 4, in a game we called a teaser-worthy game for the Falcons. This continued their trend of struggles. They rank an incredibly disappointing 28th in DVOA to this end.

The offense was forced to broadcast it with Taylor heinicke to mixed results. He had a few ugly turnovers at the start.

A defense of the Saints awaits you, and after being fairly well enlightened by Daniel Jones and the Giants, they’ll be hungry to make minced meat from that football team offense.

But while this end of the game seems unappealing, we have to consider how uninspiring this Saints offense has been, both so far and on paper. The receiving body remains a wasteland, and QB Jameis Winston just can’t do much with these guns. It’s just really hard to cover big numbers like -7.5 when your attack is so slow and slow.

The total tells the story. As long as Heinicke doesn’t return the ball several times, the Saints will have a hard time running away from the football team.

Vikings (-7.5) Vs. Lions

After playing competitive football for the first three weeks, the Lions appeared to regress in the fourth week. Justin Champs.

Maybe lose two deep corners Jeff Okudah and Ifetu Melifonwu caught up with this team. It was a poor pass defense on paper at the start of the season, so thank the Lions staff for getting them to play some decent football midway through Week 4.

What a lot of people probably don’t realize is that even after a horrific game against Cleveland, the Vikings have Football Outsiders’ seventh most effective passing offense.

And while the Lions have had a solid passing race so far, their level of talent doesn’t look very impressive. They also just lost Romeo Okwara for the season to an injury.

If you give Kirk’s cousins time in your pocket, it will tear you to pieces. And everyone knows the Vikes have a tandem of elite receivers in Justin jefferson and Adam thielen.

Tease a Home Favorite with a Manageable the total looks pretty good here.

Browns (+1.5) among chargers

Teasing the road favorites can get a little hairy, but what about that road underdog as Cleveland heads to LA to take on the Chargers?

The Browns have played an exceptional defense so far. Sure, the Chiefs shredded them pretty well after being held down a bit to the ground, but this unit has been an ace ever since. Forward stats have started to take notice – they’re third in defensive DVOA and eighth in EPA defense per game.

They get a very fun game against some excellent young Chargers QB Justin Herbert. While Herbert has enjoyed a ton of success already, a surprisingly decent defense from the Raiders worked well against him on Monday, keeping the Chargers at 5.2 yards per game and 5.1 in the air.

That kind of grinding offense will keep the Browns hanging out in this one to a minimum.

The concern here: an attack from Cleveland that remains inconsistent in the air. They looked good for the first two weeks, but they battled the Bears in week 3, and Baker Mayfield missed several long, easy-to-use completions Odell Beckham Jr. Last week. They got away with it because the defense played a stellar role, but at some point those misfires will prove costly.

Other potential NFL Week 5 teasers

While those three seem like the best options, a few speculative NFL Week 5 teaser contenders do exist, as usual. Everyone has different levels of concern, so use your own judgment on how aggressive you like to be with these.

Seahawks (+2.5) Vs. Rams

For the third week in a row, the Thursday game offers a potential teaser. Except after two consecutive weeks of arrival of the favorites, we have to look at the underdog.

The Seahawks and Rams have played close games in recent years. If you’re expecting more of the same, then you’ll love to tease the Seahawks to a big +8.5 number rather than hoping 2 points are enough.

Some issues with this one. First, you buy the top of the Seahawks. They beat the 49ers quite convincingly despite looking quite awful in the first half – they pulled off a first down for the first time with less than five minutes to go. That in itself should probably scare you, in fact.

Second, you sell the Rams low after the Cardinals beat them in LA. QB Matt Stafford had a few weird hiccups in this one that seem pretty easy to clean up in the future.

Finally, the total of seems prohibitive for teaser purposes.

Broncos (+1) at Steelers

This game seems to tick the teaser boxes at first glance, especially if you can get +1.5. A single sportsbook followed by The lines, FanDuel Sportsbook, has this issue suspended at the time of writing.

In any case, the total is also a teaser player’s dream: to , this is one of the lowest of the season to date.

Plus, the Steelers fading looks pretty smart right now. They’ve been well below market expectations three games in a row, so it seems pretty clear that the numbers don’t match them. Whether that was fixed this week is a guess.

The problem here is Drew the lock. It seems likely to draw a starting point with Bridgewater Teddy Bear treat concussion protocol. Not only has Lock been awful as a pro QB so far, but his volatility – 19 INTs in 19 career appearances – makes a teaser unappealing as it introduces a lot of variation into the result.

Outlets seem superior to buying them if you like Denver here.

Cowboys (-7) Vs. Giants

The Cowboys are expected to be a popular teaser this week. You don’t have to think too much to understand why.

The offense was impressive at the start. The Panthers’ defense had dominated an admittedly easy schedule. Dallas completely wiped them out, especially on floor, where they won 7.2 YPA.

And the defense performed surprisingly well, bringing a ton of youth and speed to the table. Micah Parsons flew over the pitch even though he sometimes has difficulty playing, and CB Trevon Diggs did a ton of highlight games. The unit ranks in the top 10 in EPA / play and DVOA.

Some of the issues described above affect this one. The total is slightly more than we would like. And the -7 line isn’t quite where you want the teaser to buy.

If you like Dallas, you are probably better off taking them there.

Ravens (-7) Vs. Foals

Like the previous game, this one narrowly misses the teaser area by a hair. But, if you don’t mind teasing -7 lines, this one looks pretty good. For starters, he has a pretty low total of .

Baltimore compares pretty well with the Colts’ offense, especially with the injuries that have reduced that offensive line – they missed their two best starters, Braden smith and Quenton Nelson, against Miami. An inexperienced unit and an unfriendly road pressure QB could be a recipe for disaster against the Ravens’ sophisticated blitz packages.

The Colts offense managed to get the ball through against Miami, but the Ravens likely won’t have a hard time breaking 20.

There are worse places for NFL Week 5 teasers than a solid home favorite in a good game.

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