World football vs American football

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The difference between these two sports is day and night. World football, also known as football in the United States, is the most played and famous sport in the world. It is called football in some regions to distinguish it from American football, also known as rugby in many parts of the world.

Surprisingly, world football is much less popular than American football in the United States; few Americans know or are generally confused about the sport. Apart from the name, the two sports have many differences listed below.

Use of feet

Apparently, the name football in American football is meaningless when the feet are only used for running up the field and occasionally for kickoffs or field goals. While in football, it is forbidden to touch the ball with your hands unless you are a goalkeeper.


Another major difference is the notation. Firstly, world football rarely sees many goals, and sometimes the match ends scoreless. However, in American football, it’s always a high-scoring game. Second, the scoring rules are also different. In American football, a touchdown is worth 6-8 points, while a goal in world football means one point.

League scoring system

NFL is the most successful and renowned league in American football while world football has several leagues like Premier League, La Liga and Serie A; every nation in world football has its own league. So, to win a championship in the world football leagues, a team must have the most points at the end of the league. In contrast, the NFL has playoffs. The leaders of each division and two wild cards from each conference compete in a knockout tournament, aka playoffs, to determine the winner. It also impacts the NFL betting lines and offers more varieties to bet on.

Equality rule

The NFL only has a tie when the scores are the same even after the first overtime; however, in college games this is not an option. In contrast, in world football, several games end in a draw or draw. This scoring method causes many teams to lose the championship because, in the end, one point can make the difference.


The NFL final is called the Super Bowl, one of the most watched sporting events. The winner is the ultimate American football champion. On the other hand, world football has different leagues and tournaments determining the best club in a country. There are also tournaments like the FA Cup, Cope Del Rey, etc., but the biggest and most prestigious of the leagues is the UEFA Champions League, which plays matches between the best clubs in Europe.

Movement of players

The best football players move around the world, which makes the sport widely accepted. For example, Cristiano Ronaldo went from La Liga to Serie A and now to the Premier League. Lionel Messi moved from La Liga to Ligue 1 (French football league). This gives football an edge over other sports, especially American football, which has only one reputable league, and all the best players are only found in the NFL.

Gameplay difference

Football only has one commercial break, and that’s halftime. There are no further breaks and games continue non-stop unless there is an injury. In American football there are a lot of breaks and the game seems to drag on a bit.

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